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jonathan1.jpg (10470 bytes)

During the early winter of 2001, South Carolina had a cold spell (around 30's - but folks, that's COLD down here!)  One night I was closing the blinds in the house before going to bed and felt someone staring at me.  You know the feeling.  I turned the lights off and peered through the blinds and saw a huge, white cat sitting on the walkway outside staring at me.  He was big, but looked like he had seen some pretty bad days.  Of course, Homer and I immediately took some food and water out to him, but he ran off and hid.  We then sat inside by the blinds and watched him slowly creep back and start eating the food like he was starving.

Jonathan had a "old man" look to him.  He was one of the most muscular cats I've ever seen and had beautiful blue eyes.  

Jonathan2.jpg (12208 bytes)

He was still around during the next few weeks and began to eat with the other cats.  Within a few weeks, his brother, Sam, showed up and the two of them settled into their new home.

Jonathan and Fuzzy became such close friends that Homer and I were amazed.  In fact, Jonathan seemed to act just like Isis, Fuzzy's best friend, who had died years before.  They sat together the same way, slept together and Jonathan became Fuzzy's protector.  It was very touching, especially since these were two male cats - Jonathan still being in full possession of his manhood since I hadn't been able to catch him to have him neutered yet.  

The sad ending to this story is that a week before Christmas, 2001, Jonathan simply vanished.  We looked everywhere for him - in the woods, under the house - in the neighborhood.  We were never able to find him and pray that someone adopted him.  He was too sweet and funny to have something bad happen to him.  We still worry since Sam showed up with his throat almost completely torn out from a dog attack, but you can read about that on Sam's page.

I still look for Jonathan and hope we see him again one day.  He brought so much into all our lives.