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SPRING in Western North Carolina

....the world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.
E. E. Cummings

The pictures below were taken in April and early May in Pisgah National Forest, NC, DuPont State Forest, NC and our yard near Brevard, NC.

A family photo expedition and hike.

Pisgah Forest Wildflowers - by Homer

Starting at home, you can see our yard was filled with color, especially after getting such much-needed rain.  Check out the little guy that was hiding under a leaf!

The Wood Frogs come out in March.

Early Spring day in Pisgah National Forest.

These tiny butterflies were captured by Homer's camera lens in Pisgah Forest, early April.


May Apples, Jack in the Pulpits and every shade of green imaginable.  Mid-April, Pisgah National Forest.

Fiddlehead fern unfolding and wildflowers in DuPont State Forest.

All shades of pinks and reds...

...and yellow swallowtails.

 Beautiful Pisgah Forest in all it's green glory.

Look what wonderful architects the beavers are!  They created two lakes within this unique wetland ecosystem.


Quotation used above was compiled by Michael P. Garofalo at GardenDigest.com.

Check back soon for more pictures.