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I first met Fuzzy and his best friend, Isis, when some friends moved into a rental cottage that I own.  We all became a big family with lots of animals.  When my friends moved, they couldn't take Fuzzy and Isis, so the two black cats became mine.

Fuzzy and Isis were like twins.  They were always together, always rubbing against each other.  They slept together and were the best friends in the world.  Isis never let me touch her - she did not trust humans.  However, I was able to gain a some of Fuzzy's trust...until Isis died.  We still don't know what happened to Isis.  She disappeared and we later found her body.  We were very upset, but especially worried about how Fuzzy would take losing his best friend.  He grieved and withdrew, but I sat in the yard with him for long periods of time until he started to become closer to us.  Then, Nermal arrived. Nermal should have been a diplomat.  He became friends with Fuzzy and seemed to tell him that it was ok to let his guard down enough to get to know us.  Fuzzy very slowly allowed us to enter his space and now, after years of patience and work, Fuzzy trusts us completely.  He is however, a bit challenged.  We have to carry him inside when it's cold or bad weather and he screams the whole way.  Once inside he purrs and seems contented until the next time it's cold!!  We love this little guy even more because of how difficult it's been for him to adapt to humans.  He's special.

Fuzzy had a new friend for about a year when Jonathan showed up.
Read about that relationship on Jonathan's page.

Fuzzy's favorite things:  sitting in sunshine, having his head rubbed, being "tucked into" a towel at night to sleep. 

Update:  Fuzzy's health went into decline during 2002.  After several visits to the vet, and much discussion, we had the sad task of having him put to sleep.  It was very hard to do, but when I took him into the vet's office and we were waiting, he looked straight into my eyes as if to say, "It's alright.  I'm ready."  I know he is still around us because at times I feel his presence.  Goodbye, little one.  We'll see you again.