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Here's a bit about my husband and best friend (and the best thing that ever happened to me!)

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. - Mignon McLaughlin


My favorite photos of Homer


Homer's Experiences in Vietnam - Incredible site!

Homer Steedly's Vietnam War Site

There is only one time when it is essential to awaken.

That time is now. 


My beloved husband, Homer, returned to Vietnam in June of 2008. Check out his site to read about his experiences in Vietnam and his healing journey.

Wandering Souls:  Journeys with the Dead and the Living written by Wayne Karlin tells of the terrible price of war on soldiers and their families through the experiences of Homer and the family of Hoang Ngoc Dam.

 "A surprisingly moving account of a Vietnam War veteran who returned to face the family of the man he killed.... Despite the reconciliation, the book is a poignant reminder of the war's sad consequences for both sides." -- Kirkus Reviews

"It took me quite awhile to believe the incredible circumstances which had just transpired.  Without any guidance from me and with no personal knowledge of the location themselves, the family had chosen to pull off the road to consecrate Dam's remains at the exact point, where I had marched my troops 39 years ago to climb the ridgeline, where I encountered and killed Dam.  The totality of this scared me.  So much so, that I waited until the next day to tell everyone.  I wanted time to relive it in my own mind and be sure about the memories.  I had forgotten about the details of landing in the valley and marching up the road, until I saw the concrete facing of the hillside, and spotted that same tree we had used as a guide us so many years ago.  It had to be Dam's spirit leading our thoughts.  There simply is no other way to account for such an incredible coincidence."  (From Homer's journal during his trip to Vietnam on the road to return Dam's remains to his family.)