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sambird.jpg (13374 bytes)

Sam showed up about a week after his brother, Jonathan.  They were both big, white, male cats with beautiful deep blue eyes.  Sam allowed me to touch him after six weeks, but it took longer with Jonathan.

I really became close to Sam over Fall of 2001 when we would sit together on the screened porch and talk.  Sam got to where he loved to sit in my lap and purred like a maniac for an hour or more.  I made an appointment for both Sam and Jonathan to go to the vet to be neutered and have their shots when Sam disappeared. 

samintree.jpg (18587 bytes)


I knew something was wrong.  He didn't overhear me talking to the vet about being neutered so I know he didn't just conveniently happen to vanish until after the vet's appt.  I really got worried after two days passed and there was still no Sam.


On a Monday morning, Homer left to go to work and came running back into the house, yelling "Sam's back and he's hurt!"  I ran outside only to see little Sam sitting in the yard with what looked like a rusty stain on his chest.  When I got close enough to tilt his head back, it looked like his throat had been torn out!  My heart dropped as I screamed for Homer to run get a towel and the cat carrier.  Of course, Sam ran and hid under the house!  Homer had to leave for work so I spent the next hour trying to coax Sam out with food.   Finally, he got close enough for me to grab him and throw him the carrier and I rushed him to the our wonderful vet's office (Doug Smith at Cedarwood Animal Hospital if anyone wants a good vet!)  Doug kept Sam for the day, cleaned and bandaged the wound, gave him antibiotic shots and talked to me at length about Sam's chances.  Since we really couldn't afford to do anything more, I brought Sam home with Doug's instructions and bandages for some home nursing care. The first two days were awful.  Sam was so sick and in great pain.  I talked to him, cried, petted him and after what seemed like forever, he began to show an interest in eating.  Homer and I changed Sam's bandages every day for two months.  We kept him warm, well fed and quiet.  You would never believe the improvement he has made.  His throat is COMPLETELY healed (you'd never know there was a wound!) and he is full of life.  He plays, purrs, sits in the window in the sun and is a happy little guy.  Thank God he came back when he was hurt so badly.  Since the attack, he's been neutered and had his shots and is ready for a good home.  As much as we want to keep him and love him, we feel that he and possibly the other cats would have a better chance at life if they had owners who kept them inside all the time.  We love all our cats too much to expose them to stray dogs that come through the yard at times.  However, for the time being, they are safe and sound inside at night and during the day, I keep a close eye on them.  Sam was lucky - and so are we to have him.


Sam is probably just over a year old and is healthy, affectionate and gentle.  He is white with a bit of gold Tabby markings and has beautiful sky-blue eyes.  Even though white cats with blue eyes are sometimes deaf, the Tabby in Sam kept him from this affliction.  He may be shy at first when going to a new home, but it won't take long for him to become part of a loving family.  When he is adopted, I will really miss my friend, but know that he will be happy with a loving and responsible family.  Update:  Sam was adopted by a great family!  I miss him a lot, but know he'll have a longer and happier life with his new family.