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nermal1.jpg (10565 bytes)

Nermal, a gorgeous, part-Persian white male cat, showed up at our house several years ago and has ruled the yard ever since.

nermal4.jpg (16376 bytes)nermal2.jpg (8427 bytes)

Nermal is one of the sweetest, funniest cats we've ever had the pleasure of knowing.  He gets along great with the other cats - and even the dogs - as well as making friends with every visitor to the house.  He has a lot of pride (but what cat doesn't?), and makes us wait with the door open as he begins his promenade down the back steps.  He doesn't understand why Grey-Grey torments him with her flirtatious ways, but puts up with her since they usually travel to the vet together and sit in the back seat of the car singing a strange, howling duet together!

Nermal is extremely affectionate and loving.  I hate to say I have a favorite cat, but Nermal is our special little boy.

nermgarden.jpg (21111 bytes)

Photo of Nermal "helping" Homer plant his garden.

Nermal's favorite things:  being number one cat of household, chasing Grey-Grey, sitting on pillows and being worshipped.  He is our diplomat cat and a wonderful host.  When friends and family drop by, Nermal will sit in each person's lap for five minutes before beginning his entertainment of playing "run kitty, jump kitty." 

Nermal has been adopted by a great family who will take good care of him.

nermal3.jpg (12664 bytes)