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sungull.JPG (11774 bytes)

There was no place

for sadness here

at the edge of the world

no place for fear.

Here dolphins pursued 

silver beams

in the breaking tide,

seabirds dived and sailed

in an ancient dance

of survival

disguised as joy.

Sea and sky

had no borders.



The woman stood

still as stone

a rock woman

sun-tinted hair

flying in the wind

sand sucking her deeper

as small waves swirled

over mounds of pebble toes

afraid that if she moved

she would somehow shatter

the balance

of light - foam - feather

and warm breath in salty waves.



She hid the sun

in her heart

and took it with her

to light the coming night

when time is caught

between worlds

and cracks form

in the fortress walls

and the gate is unguarded.

When fear creeps slyly

from the depths

and the darkness is no longer familiar.



Then to wake depleted

from battles

with no victories

afraid to return

 to unfaithful sleep

afraid of the place

where demons have faces

with intimate eyes

afraid her season of ice

would return

to freeze her

 in her tracks.



In the darkness tonight

she will make an offering

of the heart-hidden

 sun of fire

glowing red

 on the wind-swept

wings of morning.

She will make the gift

of a star

to guide her back

 to herself

and to light the darkness within.