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Besides our formerly feral cat family, we have many other visitors to our porch.  Mostly possum and raccoons, but every now and then a stray cat or dog will show up to eat the food we put out.  In January of 2013 we had a newcomer to the porch; a huge, old, muscular tom-cat who we named Chester.  Unfortunately, Chester was an un-neutered male cat who sprayed our porch and chased our cats away.  We couldn't keep him because of our large cat family and because he was so aggressive with them.   Gradually I was able to gain his trust and bring him into the house where I kept him in the laundry room until we could take him to the animal shelter.  He let me pet him, purring and rubbing up against me.  He was a very sweet boy.

Sadly, after a few weeks of wonderful people working to find a home for Chester, it was decided he was not adoptable and the shelter was forced to humanely euthanize him.  All of us who worked to help Chester were heartbroken.  He was just one of millions that have to be euthanized yearly, victims of thoughtless, ignorant and cruel humans.

So I would like to give you a message, Chester.  I'm sorry we humans let you down.  I'm sorry we didn't take care of you, have you neutered, vaccinated and given you a good home.  I'm sorry that we met you and loved you too late.

But know that even at the end of your life, you were loved.  And someone cried for you when you left us.