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Well, I can't say what Boo's life was before she came to us, but she sure has a good life now!  We found this sweetie in January, 2009 when Homer and I were in Pisgah National Forest, NC with my sister and a visiting friend.

We had been exploring the forest when all us girls had to take a bathroom break.  Homer drove us to the Pisgah Fish Hatchery where there were public restrooms and we noticed a dog wandering around the parking lot.  She looked tired and hungry and stunk to high heaven!  We asked around and found out that a hiker had found her on a hiking trail and brought her down to the forest.  Boo was wearing a shock training collar which indicated to us that she might be a hunting dog.  We don't usually pick up hunting dogs, but the temperature that night was supposed to drop to five degrees and there was no way we could leave a dog out in that kind of cold.  So, Homer easily put Boo on a leash and she jumped in the car with no problem.  Of course, we had to roll down all the windows and drive with our heads hanging out the window!

We took Boo to the vet and boarded her for two nights while they checked her out.  She seemed pretty healthy even though her teeth were in bad shape.  We picked her up and brought her home where Homer gave her a good bath and introduced her to Dottie.  That actually went much better than we expected, thanks to Homer's patience.

Between Homer and me, we lavished such affection on Boo that she seemed bewildered as if she thought she was dreaming!  We were never able to locate Boo's owner even after placing an ad in four newspapers and placing posters around town.  After three weeks, we decided to adopt and took her to get her teeth cleaned.


Since then, Boo has become a real member of the family, sleeping in the bed with me or
sleeping comfortably on a down comforter! 

She LOVES to stalk birds and is totally awed by the doggie door that Homer installed.  She DASHES out the door at least 20 times a day and just loves to run through the house and yard at full tilt.  She and Dottie get along real well even though Boo doesn't seem to know how to actually play with another dog.  Dottie is working on it though, and I expect to see the two of them playing together this Spring.  We are thrilled to have this goofy, smart, sweet and funny dog as a member of our family.

August, 2010

Boo was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease in 2010 and we began giving her medication to help her through this difficult disorder which affects the pituitary gland.  She also had severe hip problems and it was a balancing act of medications to keep her comfortable.  Finally, she collapsed early one morning and we took her to be put to sleep.  She had a wonderful day before her death seeing a flock of wild turkeys, having a special day of running in the yard chasing birds and being loved on by us.  We were heartbroken to lose our little Boo who seemed to learn what joy was all about in her short time with us.  We did everything we could to give her a good life and I know she knew love.  It is interesting that after losing Lady and Nattie, we would take Boo's death so hard.  Lady and Nattie were ready to go.  Boo wanted to stay, but her body couldn't continue.  I still miss this sweet, precious girl.

On the way home from the vet that terrible morning, we pulled into a parking lot to gather our thoughts.  After Homer turned off the engine, I looked at the car parked in front of us.  The license plate said only this:  "BOO."  Come on, that's not a coincidence!  That was a beautiful sign from the Universe and our sweet girl!

Goodbye, little one.  We will see you again.  I know you are running free in your spirit body with no pain and no sickness.